Our work

We save wildlife, campaign for conservation justice, and inspire people to value and protect nature in Malawi

Nature is
under threat

The world is in the grip of a biodiversity and climate crisis. In Malawi, forests and other habitats are disappearing. Demand for animal and forest products is driving illegal trade. Food security and human health are at risk.
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Change is happening

In recent years, Malawi has seen a recovery in some of its wildlife species, convicted some of the world’s most notorious wildlife criminals and launched bold new wildlife legislation. We’re proud to be part of this movement.

Stronger together

We work with national and international partners to address some of Malawi’s most urgent environmental threats.

A holistic approach

We know that conservation is not just about protecting animals. That’s why our programmes benefit both wildlife and people.

A Safer future

We tackle the complex factors that threaten Malawi’s natural resources – now and in the future.

Our work is bold and wide-ranging

We take a holistic approach that benefits both people and wildlife in five key areas.

Wildlife rescue and welfare

Biodiversity research

Conservation justice

Environmental education

Campaigning and advocacy

Reports and resources

We are committed to developing and sharing knowledge on a range of conservation issues