Urgent Appeal

Help us save snared animals

Okongola the hyena

This hyena was caught in a snare and held by a poacher who wanted to use her body parts for traditional medicine. We were called in to assist the Malawi Police Service in her rescue. We retrieved the scared, injured youngster and brought her to Lilongwe Wildlife Centre for care and rehabilitation.

How your support could help

Sadly, there are many other cases like Okongola. In the past few months we’ve responded to snares wounding elephants, duikers, serval cats, pangolins, zebras, and many more. Snares can cause intense and prolonged suffering. With your help, we can secure the resources to respond as quickly as possible, saving wild animals from pain and death before it’s too late.


could purchase the disinfectant and antibiotics needed to treat a snare wound.


could help our vet team treat a zebra’s snare injury in the field.


could remove a life-threatening poacher’s snare from an elephant and treat the wound.


could cover the first week of rehabilitation for a hyena like Okongola.


could get an X-ray machine to a field location, helping us to treat a deep infection more effectively.