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Choose a placement in sanctuary work, veterinary medicine, or wildlife research.
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Our placements

If you dream of working with African wildlife or want to gain skills for your conservation career, we have something special for you!
Prices start from £1,100

Wildlife sanctuary

Experience the life-saving work of rescue and rehabilitation at the award-winning Lilongwe Wildlife Centre.

Veterinary medicine

Get hands-on experience of wildlife veterinary medicine and wider welfare activities through a veterinary externship or short course.

Wildlife research

Develop your field research and wildlife monitoring skills by supporting our work in beautiful Liwonde National Park.

Student research projects

Apply to do your own research project with us (note – your research topic must be clearly defined and in line with our own areas of work)



internationally renowned
Our award-winning rescue centre is accredited by some of the world’s leading bodies for overseeing ethical sanctuaries. We do everything in our power to give rescued animals a fighting chance of being returned to the wild.
Real impact
Animal rehabilitation is not always glamorous – think chopping food, cleaning enclosures and waking up at 3am to feed orphaned monkeys! – but it’s work that makes a difference.
Support our work
Your placement fee will go directly to our wildlife welfare and monitoring work – so, by doing a placement with us, you’ll help to support life-saving work.
You’ll join a dedicated and friendly team of Malawian and international professionals with expertise in animal care and conservation.

The research volunteer placement was more than I could have imagined. I felt part of the team and that I was making a small but very real contribution to conservation efforts in Malawi. Plus, I learned a huge amount about the wildlife of Liwonde, and the threats to wildlife and habitats throughout the country. I loved every single day there and didn’t want to leave. Every small thing is a reward for your efforts, and the payoff is immense. If you are unsure about whether this placement is for you, I would urge you to do it. It is an experience like nothing else and is sure to leave an impression on your soul.

Maxine BeechResearch volunteer

Making a difference, learning new skills and living in the bush was exactly what I wanted from a volunteering experience. It was a real privilege to spend time in Liwonde – the animals are beautiful, the scenery is mind-blowing and the people made the whole experience even more special. To anyone out there, at any age and career stage or path, who might be tempted, I would highly encourage you to go ahead and book on!

Max WhiteResearch volunteer

I would have extended my stay because I liked it so much! For me, it didn’t really feel like work – it is very exciting because you never know what will happen the next day. I was not just doing veterinary work as I know it – I had the opportunity to experience related fields like integration, enrichment, research. You will work with so many different animals but all of it would just be half of the fun if the people weren’t that nice. All of them were so friendly and will help you whenever you need it. It is an amazing experience and totally worth it.

Julia VolkVet extern / Research volunteer

I am now a lot more fearless in pursuing my personal goals, and this experience has reawakened a dream I had as a child to work with wildlife. My placement went far beyond my expectations, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The feeling of having an animal you helped with finally being released back into the wild is unparalleled.

Annette Kasulo MsowoyaSanctuary volunteer

I loved Malawi and really enjoyed my time working in animal care. The highlight was looking after an orphan baboon named Toast - since she needed around-the-clock care, I felt like I was genuinely making a difference as the staff team didn’t have time to sit with her 24/7. I also wasn’t expecting to have my views of hyenas overturned - but the Centre’s four rescued hyenas certainly did that! Although some of the work was challenging, I learned a huge deal about myself. I'm home now and volunteering with my local wildlife trust, so still doing what I can to support wildlife.

Elaine HopkinsSanctuary volunteer

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