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Wildlife rescue and welfare

We’re Malawi’s first response for wild animals that are injured, orphaned or rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. Our wildlife rescue work is mandated by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife.
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Wildlife Centre

Wild animals are sometimes kept illegally as pets, hunted for their meat, skin or scales or injured through human-wildlife conflict. We provide expert veterinary treatment and rehabilitation to give every animal a second chance at life in the wild.
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Other services


Emergency support

Our Wildlife Emergency Response Unit provides mobile veterinary support for wild animals in distress across the country.

Wildlife Rescue Hotline

Our 24/7 Hotline is available for people seeking help and advice for injured or orphaned wildlife, or to report wildlife crime.

Training & development

We provide training and development for Malawian and international students on wildlife veterinary medicine and other conservation-related disciplines.


If you dream of working with African wildlife or want to gain skills for your conservation career, we have something special for you!

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