We’re delighted to share that Lilongwe Wildlife Centre has been selected as the winner of the GFAS 2023 Outstanding International Sanctuary Award.

The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) is one of the leading global bodies for accrediting ethical sanctuaries. Lilongwe Wildlife Centre has been accredited by GFAS since 2015 and was selected from over 200 other GFAS-certified sanctuaries for the award.

“This year’s award recipients truly embody and put into practice the GFAS philosophy of vision, dedication, and excellence in animal care,” noted Valerie Taylor, Executive Director of GFAS. “Part of the GFAS mission is to recognize sanctuaries and rescue centres and raise awareness of their work, and the 2023 Award recipients serve as exemplary models of many important characteristics attributed to true sanctuaries, demonstrating professionalism, collaborative spirit, and leadership, all for the animals.”

The GFAS Outstanding Sanctuary Awards are presented in four categories: Outstanding Equine Sanctuary, Outstanding Farmed Animal Sanctuary, Outstanding Wildlife Sanctuary and Outstanding International Sanctuary. They recognise excellence in humane and responsible animal care, professionalism and ethics, organisational sustainability, public engagement and contributions to, and leadership within, the sanctuary field.

We are honoured to be part of the GFAS family and are thrilled to receive this award, which recognises the passion and expertise of our wildlife rescue team. We’d also like to thank the many amazing donors and partners whose generosity makes this work possible.

The awards will be presented at a virtual ceremony on 27 October which is open to the public

Our wildife rescue work is mandated by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) and Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is run as a concession from the Government of Malawi. We’re grateful to DNPW for their long-running partnership and support.