Nyenyezi came to us a tiny hyena cub. He’d been found frightened and alone in the middle of a field, his parents killed or chased away.

It was heart-breaking to hear Nyenyezi (‘star’ in Chichewa) crying and calling for his clan when he first arrived at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre. Enter Wesley, a 12-week-old puppy confiscated from illegal roadside sellers by our friends at the Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals.

We work hard to rescue, rehabilitate and release animals back into the wild. We are so pleased we could give Nyenyezi another chance at life – but we need your help to continue providing the care these hyenas need.

Hyena cubs grow up in highly social environments, with their littermates and family members teaching them the social skills they need to become fully functioning clan members.

Hand-raising a single cub carries the risk that it will become too attached to humans – but we hoped that Wesley’s companionship could provide the kind of socialisation Nyenyezi needed for the right start in life.

The pair bonded quickly and the benefits were clear: Nyenyezi stopped crying, was much calmer and was very excited to see the puppy after Wesley returned from walks. Wesley also ‘taught’ Nyenyezi how to drink from a bowl, which is how we managed to successfully transition him from bottle-feeding.

A few months on, Nyenyezi had grown in size and confidence, and it was time for him to meet his new family, permanent Lilongwe Wildlife Centre residents Leo and Milo. At just a few months old, Wesley can enjoy a well earned retirement in his new and loving forever home!