After much reflection, we have taken the decision to close our sanctuary tours.

Please note that, after much reflection, we have taken the decision not to re-open our sanctuary tours to the general public when the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre renovations are completed (an initiative known as Project GreenHeart).

As a wildlife rescue facility our first responsibility is to protect the animals in our care and give them every chance at being released back into the wild – where they belong. Reducing interactions between animals and visitors is critical to enhancing their welfare and improving their chances of surviving back in the wild.

A limited number of enclosures for animals that are unable to be released for medical or behavioural reasons will still be open to small school groups as part of their engagement in wider educational programmes at the site.

Visitors are encouraged to come and enjoy the beautiful forest walking trails at the Wildlife Centre. The site also features a range of other facilities, including a café, an arboretum and an education centre. There will also be exhibitions, installations and signs on a range of environmental issues that will inspire and challenge visitors to take up the mantle of protecting nature!